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Marketing Tips for Medical Spa Businesses

Marketing Tips for Medical Spas

According to the International Spa Association (ISPA), the U.S. Spa Industry has surpassed 18.3 billion. The industry continues to grow in revenue, number of locations and spa visits as well as revenue per visit. The Self-Care movement #selfcare could be partly responsible for the growing trend.

Medical spas have harvested an avid following with people who want to look and feel like the best version of themselves! It is not rocket science that interest in these services is at an all-time high—and so are the proceeds. But only if you have the right marketing in place to help drive customers to your services.

With the right digital marketing strategy, you can grow your medical spa business like never before. As professional social marketing strategist, we would like to share some marketing ideas for medical spas.

Make the Best First Impression to Convert Lookers into Clients with A Top-Notch Website

Did you know that 88% of people are researching products and services online before making a purchase either online or in-store?

Therefore, your website as a marketing tool, MUST make the best first impression. It is your 24-hour storefront and an unprofessional or bad quality website will prevent your website from being the lead-generating machine that it can really be. A high-quality website will build trust with your audience and tell your story. Graphics and layout must be clean, fresh and professional. Your website speaks volumes about the type of company you are and trust me—you don’t want potential clients to get the wrong message.

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of potential leads and clients, so you have to make good use of your Calls to action that need to be displayed right on your homepage.

Zenoti date states that 70% of salon and spa customers prefer to book online over calling in. Therefore, if don’t already, adding a way for customers to book on your website is vital.

Build Trust, Position Yourself as An Expert with An Active Blog

By active we mean, posting regularly and recently. So many website’s last blogs are from 12 calendar months ago. It makes people wonder if you are still in business. A blog is an excellent opportunity to show off your knowledge and build trust by educating your audience. Your primary focus should not be selling, only provide valuable information.

When you create valuable content, your medical spa services will sell themselves because people will trust you. Many people wonder what the point of blogging is and how to go about it. You use this form of communicating to relate to your audience in a way that it is engaging, entertaining and useful.

The best types of blogs for spa services businesses are the ones that tell a story. For example, talk about a teen girl who had horrible acne that affected her self-esteem. Continue the story with an explanation of the treatments that were performed on this client and how her skin became so much healthier that the teen became much more outgoing and confident. Blogs about current client’s stories (with their permission) double as testimonials and are perfect for your blog.

What’s more, your blog posts can be repurposed for content to build credibility and increase your followers on other social media platforms.

And finally, blogs are great for driving traffic to your website by putting keyword phrases that Google will pick up. Keeping your website updated by posting regularly to your blog page and news updates will keep your audience engaged, keep them warm and more likely to become a client. Google also favors websites that are active and frequently updated as well.

Let True Blue Social Media Help

Implementing these marketing tips will absolutely help your medical spa grow and scale, the only problem is that it is incredibly time consuming. It also requires you to create a strategy and execute it. Luckily, investing in the services of a professional social media management agency like True Blue Social Media can really pay off!