How We Work

Here at True Blue Social Media we use a top down approach to managing social media. We start by gathering the information necessary to have a clear picture of your ideal client /target audience and your business objectives.

An audit of your current social media accounts is performed, and we then proceed to do market research to dive deeper into understanding the type of content that your particular audience is interested in.

An initial social media strategy is prepared to be tested and tweaked, while at the same time creating a content archive to use during all phases of the strategy.

We work hard to ensure that we alleviate the burden that managing social media can be for small business owners. We realize that your time is valuable, therefore we produce a content calendar once a month for your approval before publishing.

In this way, you are not being constantly interrupted by social media concerns. We keep track of results in the form of reports that will be analyzed and discussed with you, in order to determine what is working and what changes can be made in order to improve the social media strategy. 


“My Pinterest account was a mess and I am so happy that I hired True Blue Social Media to fix it. They created beautiful pins and boards and did the keyword research to optimize them, which has increased our website traffic. I'm having them start on my Instagram now."



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